AEM Licentiate Positions

The department of Mathematical sciences at Chalmers University of Technology and Fraunhofer-Chalmers Centre (FCC) are currently offering positions in the Advanced Engineering Mathematics (AEM) licentiate program. Both the department of Mathematical sciences and FCC carry out world-class research and industrial projects with a focus on using mathematics as a technology. We are currently looking for four highly motivated individuals to join us in some exciting projects closely connected to industry.

Advanced Engineering Mathematics
AEM is a two-year postgraduate research program in industrially applied mathematics. It builds on a Master’s degree in mathematics, and aims at a licentiate degree in mathematics. The program is a joint effort between the Department of Mathematical sciences and FCC.

We are looking for four students and offering the following four research projects:

1. Robot Path Optimisation for Paint Applications
2. Multi-Scale Simulation of Paper Forming Process
3. Simulation of Electrocoating Process in Automotive Industry
4. Modeling and Simulation of Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Processes

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To be eligible for AEM, you must have obtained a Master's degree or a 4-year Bachelor's degree in mathematics, engineering physics or mathematical statistics.

You must also have taken courses in Fourier analysis and functional analysis. Moreover, you must have taken advanced level courses in optimization, statistical inference and partial differential equations, corresponding to at least 30 ECTS, as these will later be included in your licentiate degree. For further prerequisites, see each project respectively.Position SummaryThe position is a fulltime position and the research and thesis work will be carried out with the goal of achieving a licentiate degree. Approximately half of the student’s time will be devoted to carrying out duties related to the research project at FCC and the remaining half will be spent on studies and institutional duties (e.g. teaching) at the Department of Mathematical sciences. The employment will be at FCC, and limited to a maximum of two years.

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