Assistant Professor in Applied Mathematics with affiliation to SuMo Biomaterials

The Position
The department of Mathematical Sciences at Chalmers seeks an Assistant Professor in Applied Mathematics. The position will have an affiliation with the SuMo Biomaterials research center within the Area of Advance Materials Science. The applicant must promote interdisciplinary research through collaboration with chemists and physicists as well as with industry.
SuMo Biomaterials performs research with the aim to develop smart functionality, with emphasis of transport processes in materials with starting point from the needs of member companies. The approach is highly interdisciplinary with scientists from chemistry, physics and mathematics.

The offer
Assistant Professor is a post that offers an opportunity to qualify for higher research positions, both in academia and in society at large. The appointment is for two + two years of full-time employment. An assistant professor is expected to reach the Swedish docent level (in Swedish "oavlönad docent") within the four years. After two years the progress is assessed.
This position consists of approximately 80% research and 20% teaching. In teaching, the co-supervision of Ph.D. students is also included.
SuMo Biomaterials aims to achieve predictability with respect to designing materials with specific flow profiles. The activity is organized in four research modules that interact in a unique way.
The focus in the Mathematical and Computer Modelling module is to model both microstructures and transport processes.

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Contact and application information
Thursday, May 24, 2012
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