Assistant Professor in Optimization

The applied mathematical sciences are in a state of transition, as a consequence of the increasing challenges that are facing industry and society; among the challenges we will mention the need to analyze and optimally utilize very quickly growing data sets arising in medicine and climate analysis. It also means that the mathematical and the applied sciences must collaborate in a much more integrated fashion in order for the challenges of today and tomorrow to be tackled successfully.

The goal with the creation of this research position is to bring about a synthesis of the competences from two such applied scientific teams: Signals and Systems, and the research group in mathematical optimization within the Mathematical Sciences department. The position is aimed at creating a permanent link between the two teams, in particular applying theory, modeling principles, and computational methodology from mathematical optimization in order to enrich the mathematical optimization side of projects arising at Signals and Systems. The position is also meant to enrich the competence in continuous mathematical optimization at Mathematical Sciences.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012
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