Director CRM

CRM ( is seeking applicants with a distinguished record of excellence in Mathematics and the innovative thinking necessary to lead a dynamic organisation. Applicants must have a PhD or comparable degree and must have high international visibility, preferably in CRM’s field(s) of activity. Knowledge of the Spanish scientific environment will be considered an asset.

The director will have the following duties:
-Provide scientific vision and strategic goals for CRM.
-Submit the Centre’s research activities programme and annual operational budget to the Consortium.
-Represent the Centre at official and social events, in coordination with the President and other members of the Consortium.
-Keep CERCA regularly informed of the Institute’s progress.
-Monitor the management of the BGSMath.
-Any other functions approved by the Consortium.

The Director will be responsible for:
-Devising a strategic plan and ensuring its implementation.
-Presenting the Director’s Reports at meetings of the Consortium.
-Proposing the names of members of the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) to the Consortium, keeping them informed about major changes, and organising their regular meetings.
-Participating in the periodic CERCA evaluation of CRM
Coordinating periodic scientific assessments of CRM’s research programmes and core facilities, and implementing recommendations of the SAB.
-Supervising the implementation of the financial aspects of the budget.
-Negotiating contracts for new senior personnel, whenever appropriate.

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Edifici C
Campus Bellaterra
08193 Bellaterra Barcelona
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Wednesday, September 30, 2015
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