European Project ERC-Advanced Grant “Diophantine problems” (Grant Agreement No. 267273).

The Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa announces a selection, based on work to date, for n° 3 grants for research as part of the European Project ERC-Advanced Grant “Diophantine problems” (Grant Agreement No. 267273). The scientific project is coordinated by the Principal Investigator, Prof. Umberto Zannier.
The subject matter will concern integral and algebraic points on varieties, diophantine problems in number fields and in function fields. More specifically, it is expected that the research of the recipients of the grants will be devoted towards some of the following directions:
- Study of integral points on varieties and applications to algebraic dynamics
- Diophantine approximation in Diophantine geometry and arithmetic of fields
- Study of the so-called “Unlikely Intersections” (which embraces questions like relative Manin-Mumford, Zilber-Pink conjectures and similar issues)

Duration of contracts: 2 years for each contract
Gross compensation, inclusive of all taxes: € 80.000,00 for each contract

Application deadline: applications must be received by October 15th 2013.

Information about the selection procedure can be found below. Candidates are invited to review the official announcement published on the website of the Scuola Normale at the URL “Job opportunities”, and to follow exclusively its detailed instructions should they decide to apply.

Applications are invited from candidates who have completed an undergraduate degree in Mathematics (in accordance with earlier Italian university regulations, or a second-cycle undergraduate degree as per the interdepartmental decree of 9 July 2009).
Candidates who have completed the aforementioned degree abroad may also apply, if said degree is recognized as equivalent to Italian degree.
Additional competence relevant to the choice of the researcher: knowledge of English language.

How to apply
Candidates with all the aforementioned requisites who wish to participate in the selection process must present:
- the application, based on the attached model and drawn up on plain paper, signed,
- photocopy (non-authenticated) of a valid identification document,
- a curriculum vitae containing a detailed description of the studies and professional experience, dated and signed,
- a list of all publications available online (with the details needed to find them online),
- a copy of all relevant publications not available online,
- a list of the aforementioned documents, qualifications, publications, signed.

In order to submit the application and documentation listed above, candidates must use one of these options:
- candidates can send the application form and all the relevant documents using the electronic mail to ;
- candidates can present the application form and documentation directly, during office hours, to the “Ufficio Protocollo” [Documents Registry Office] of the Scuola Normale, located at Via del Castelletto, n. 11, 56126 Pisa (Italy);
- candidates can send the application form and documentation by mail or courier to the same address. In this case, it is recommendable to write on the envelope “Diophantine problems”. Please consider that the applications must arrive at the Documents Registry Office of the Scuola Normale by the deadline; the postmark applied by the post office will not be considered.

No other delivery method will be accepted.

Administrative information or questions may be addressed to Paola Guarguaglini (tel. 0039 050/509723, email or to Antonella Cappello (tel. 0039 050/509668 email

The full announcement can be found on the Scuola Normale website at the URL “Job opportunities”.

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Monday, October 14, 2013
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