IC2020_02_Knowledge Transfer Research Fellow

In the framework of BCAM’s Knowledge Transfer Unit (KTU), the KTU Fellowship aims to transfer scientific knowledge and expertise between BCAM and Industry with the particular interest in building collaborative research with Bizkaia's industrial sector and SMEs. The successful candidate will be expected to lead industrial projects that would improve company business' competitiveness and productivity through knowledge transfer and mathematical technologies and also achieve scientific outcomes (publications, supervision of Industrial MSc or PhD theses).


• Experienced researchers with an academic background and expertise in industrial applications and knowledge transfer with companies.
• Applicants must have their PhD completed before 2018.
• Demonstrated experience in industrial projects (e.g.: industrial PhD or postdoctoral experience in an industrial sector or R+D+I experience in Industry).
Skills and track-record: • Good interpersonal and problem-solving skills.
• Managerial and leadership skills.
• Demonstrated experience in project management, including planning a reporting.
• A proven track record in quality research, as evidenced by research publications in top scientific journals and conferences.
• Demonstrated ability to work independently and as part of a collaborative research team.
• Ability to present and publish research outcomes in spoken (talks) and written (papers and reports) form.
• Ability to effectively communicate and present research ideas to researchers and stakeholders with different backgrounds.
• Fluency in spoken and written English and Spanish (desired).

Scientific Profile:

The preferred candidate will have:
• Strong background in Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Computer Science and Engineering.
• Demonstrated knowledge in Data Analysis, Statistical Modelling, Optimization algorithms and Machine Learning techniques.
• Good programming skills in programming languages (e.g. R, Python, and/or MATLAB) and computing platforms (e.g. HPC, Cloud computing, Big Data infrastructures and Open Source tools).

Job location: 
48009 BILBAO
Contact and application information
Monday, April 13, 2020
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