Lecturer / Senior Lecturer / Reader in Pure Mathematics

  • Reference Number
  • 009114
  • Location
  • Gilmorehill Campus / Main Building
  • College / Service
  • Department
  • Job Family
  • Research And Teaching
  • Position Type
  • Full Time
  • Salary Range
  • £33,242 - £37,394 / £40,847 - £47,328 / £48,743 - £54,841 per annum.

Job Purpose

To pursue a world-class research programme in Mathematics; to teach Mathematics or related subjects at all undergraduate and postgraduate levels and to carry out allocated administrative tasks. 


***This is the job descrition for the Senior Lecturer / Reader position. Job description for Lecturer grade 7/8 can be accessed by clicking the link at the bottom of this page***

Main Duties and Responsibilities

1. Be an internationally recognised researcher, undertaking a sustained programme of research of international standard in Mathematics and contribute to the organisation and activities of the appropriate Research Group(s).

2. Develop own/joint research projects and to secure the funding required to support the long-term growth of the research activity including, where appropriate, the development of multi-disciplinary activities and internal and external collaborations.

3. Disseminate research outcomes through publications in leading international journals and regularly give presentations at external seminars and colloquia, and at national and international conferences, enhancing the reputations of the School, College and University.

4. Develop international recognition for scholarship, reflected in various indicators of esteem.

5. Recruit and supervise research students and ensure their effective development through to timely completion of their degrees.

6. Contribute to the wider aspects of research, such as the review of publications and proposals.

7. Be responsible for the planning, organisation, delivery and examination of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching activities in Mathematics or related subjects within the School of Mathematics and Statistics.

8. Contribute to and lead the continuing development and design of undergraduate and/or postgraduate programmes, supporting a research-led approach to student learning.

9. Participate fully in assessment and examination processes using a variety of methods, as appropriate, and provide feedback to students that is relevant, timely and supports their learning.

10. Deliver a range of tutorials and computer-based practical classes, and supervise individual projects at undergraduate and/or taught postgraduate level.

11. Engage in professional development activities as appropriate and in external academic and professional activities to enhance the reputations of the School, College and University.

12. Mentor academic staff as appropriate.

13. Contribute to the administrative duties of the School, including convening committees, as allocated by the Head of School.

For appointment to a Readership you will in addition:

14. Be an outstanding internationally recognised researcher, taking on national and international leadership roles where appropriate, and sustain international-level research activity, including a track record of publications of international quality, leadership of collaborative research projects where appropriate, and the funding required for this research.

Knowledge, Qualifications, Skills and Experience


A1 A good first degree in a relevant discipline.
A2 A PhD or equivalent in Mathematics or a related field.
A3 Research expertise of international standard within an area of Mathematics that matches or complements existing activities of the School.
A4 Comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge of research issues and future directions within subject related area.
A5 An excellent track record of development and delivery of teaching and learning.


C1 Intellectual ability to undertake and lead research of international standard.
C2 Ability to teach effectively at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
C3 Ability to provide effective supervision of research students and research staff.
C4 Ability to communicate with others both orally and in writing in an appropriate range of contexts.
C5 Ability to work both independently and as part of a team with internal colleagues and external collaborators.

D1 Ability and willingness to take on appropriate administrative duties within the School.


E1 Experience of successful teaching, tutoring or demonstrating at undergraduate or postgraduate level.
E2 Typically 5 years postdoctoral research experience or equivalent.
E3 Established track record of academic publications of international quality.
E4 Proven ability to present research results at international workshops and conferences.
E5 Established track record of leadership in collaborative research, where appropriate.
E6 Experience of applying for and securing research grant funding.

F1 Knowledge transfer, industrial or practical experience in Mathematics, where appropriate.

Job Features


To be an effective researcher, teacher and administrator:
1. To be an outstanding internationally recognised researcher, taking on national and international leadership roles where appropriate.
2. To continuously develop your communications and teaching skills and apply these in dealing with students at all levels.
3. To be the Principal Investigator and/or co-investigator for research grant(s).
4. To supervise MSc and PhD students.
5. To develop, deliver, manage and examine taught courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
6. To mentor junior staff.
7. To act as academic adviser to undergraduate students.
8. To be a member of and convene School committees.

Planning and Organising

1. Weekly/monthly/annually – planning and preparation of taught courses.
2. Weekly/monthly – research activities of self or research students/staff.
3. Monthly/annually research grant application writing and submission with colleagues.
4. Plan and organise administrative duties on an ongoing basis.
5. Reactive – daily queries from students/staff.
6. Effective organisational skills to manage time and to prioritise appropriately teaching, research and administrative duties.

Decision Making

1. Curricula, intended learning outcomes, course content and assessment methods for undergraduate and taught postgraduate courses.
2. Strategic decisions on research directions and decisions (with permanent colleagues) on grant submissions, including development of collaborative activities.
3. Choice of journals, conferences and other media for dissemination of research outcomes.
4. Prioritise own work.

Internal/External Relationships

1. Head of School for exchange of information, learning and teaching strategy and research strategy.
2. Academic colleagues for information exchange to facilitate effective teaching and research.
3. Undergraduate and taught postgraduate students – to optimise student learning.
4. Research students – to supervise, advise and motivate.
5. Administrative staff for exchange of information relating to student progress and support, grant applications etc.

6. Researchers at other universities or organisations to develop and maintain national and international research collaborations.
7. Research funding bodies to maximise potential for research funding.
8. Scientific or professional organisations to maintain external links and undertake professional activities.

Problem Solving

1. Act as a first point of contact for problems/enquiries from undergraduate and taught postgraduate students on issues relating to taught courses and individual projects.
2. Scientific research, experimental design and associated problem solving.
3. Assist research students with problems related to research.
4. Assist in the development of School research and learning teaching policy. 

Standard Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The salary will be on the Research and Teaching Grade, level 7/8/9, £33,242 - £37,394 / £40,847 - £47,328 / £48,743 - £54,841 per annum.


Interviews will be held in early December


The successful applicant will be eligible to join the Universities' Superannuation Scheme. Further information regarding the scheme is available from the Superannuation Officer, who is also prepared to advise on questions relating to the transfer of Superannuation benefits.

All research and related activities, including grants, donations, clinical trials, contract research, consultancy and commercialisation are required to be managed through the University's relevant processes (e.g. contractual and financial), in accordance with the University Court's policies.
Relocation assistance will be provided where appropriate.

Probation Period

For Lecturer’s:

The successful applicant of this post will be enrolled onto the University’s Early Career Development Programme (ECDP). This will provide for you as an early career academic staff member to be developed and supported over a specified timeframe to facilitate the advancement of your academic career.

Information on the programme can be found on our website at:

New entrants to the University will be required to serve a probationary period of 6 months.

The University has recently been awarded the Athena SWAN Institutional Bronze Award

Ref: 009114; Closing date: 16 November 2014.

Job location: 
15 University Gardens
United Kingdom
Contact and application information
Sunday, November 16, 2014
Contact name: 
Informal enquiries may be directed to the Head of School: Professor Adrian Bowman (0141 330 2975, ) or the Head of Mathematics: Professor Ian Strachan (0141 330 2479, ian.strachan@glasgow.ac.uk).