The position of Mathematician within the Bioinformatics Core Facility will provide primarily statistical and mathematical expertise to support analysis of big data, within an informed biological context, not only for research scientists within the Francis Crick Institute but also for other members of the Core group. In addition, this role will provide support and training in statistics and bioinformatics where needed. 

This position will be part of an already existing Core team of 14, including two other mathematicians, providing bioinformatics, statistical and mathematical expertise to the Crick scientists. Everything the team does is directly driven by questions from Crick scientists, but this role has particular emphasis on ensuring the work we do is statistically sound and mathematically motivated.

In this role you will be asked to provide mathematical, statistical and data analysis support to big data projects run by Francis Crick scientists. Most of this data will come from the Sequencing Facility (it produces millions of DNA or RNA sequence reads per biological sample). Typical analysis steps will cycle through quality control assessment, results generation, biological interpretation in collaboration with the biologist, and ultimately named publication. During this process you will be expected to work closely with other members of the bioinformatics team, the scientific groups with which you are collaborating and the advanced sequencing team. As well as the analysis of data from more established applications there will be the opportunity to develop methods and algorithms to support more bespoke applications requiring the development of new pipelines and software. There will also be mathematical consultation to other members of the group and scientists from the 100 research groups in the Institute.


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The Francis Crick Institute
1 Midland Road
United Kingdom
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Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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The Francis Crick Institute
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