MAXIMA Program Manager

MAXIMA (Monash Academy for Cross and Interdisciplinary Mathematical Applications) is a new centre, launched in September 2013, that harnesses Monash's mathematical talent pool, and creates opportunities for them to work in interdisciplinary teams to solve critical challenges facing society. It involves a large team of mathematically trained academics and research students, not just in the School of Mathematical Sciences, but also in the Faculty of Information Technology, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Econometrics and Business Statistics, and other departments.

MAXIMA facilitates and supports interdisciplinary research underpinned by mathematics, including weather and climate modelling, disease modelling, traffic modelling, invasive species modelling, and industry projects to improve productivity. It also engages mathematicians in consulting projects, and provides training opportunities for students. An outreach program helps school students, their teachers and parents to understand the importance of mathematics to society.

Candidates are sought for a MAXIMA Program Manager who will be the key manager for outreach, research project development and management, interfacing with industry and with academic collaborators, and operational management of MAXIMA.

You will play a pivotal support role for the Director of MAXIMA and will be responsible for identifying industry and collaborator needs, assessing the impact of the needs, and then ensuring that those requirements are delivered by coordinating tailored short and long-term research and/or consulting projects, drawing on appropriate resources and skills. Your application must address the selection criteria.

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Thursday, October 31, 2013
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