PhD in Algebraic Geometry

We are looking for a PhD student in Algebaric Geometry. It comes with funding for 3.5 years starting October 2020.

For information about our group see Centre for Geoemtry, and for information about Dr Ahmadinezhad's work click here. And to apply click here.

The Project:

The project is about geometric objects called “Fano varieties”. The study of Fano varieties appears in many contexts in pure mathematics, with applications in Geometric Design, Theoretical Physics and beyond.

Geometric shapes defined by algebraic equations are called “varieties”. Familiar examples are the parabola (y=x2) and the sphere (x2+y2+z2=1). Sometimes two varieties can be identified after removing small subsets from them. For example, a sphere without its north pole can be projected to the 2-dimensional plane by a technique called stereographic projection. Identifications like this are called “birational maps”.

Knowing which varieties are birationally mapped into each other is a fundamental question in geometry. The main aim of this project is to study birational relations amongst Fano varieties that may have singular points.

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