PhD fellowships in Milano Bicocca

Applications are welcome for the PhD program in Pure and Applied Mathematics at the Università di Milano Bicocca, Italy. Deadline for application is October 16th, 2013.

The Department of Mathematics and Applications of the Università di Milano Bicocca is strongly research-oriented and covers a wide spectrum of Mathematics.

In addition, its PhD program involves also researchers form other universities, which gives it an even broader scientific perspective. It has a significant presence in Algebra (Group theory and Representation theory), Analysis (Harmonic and Nonlinear, with applications to PDEs), Geometric Analysis and Riemannian, Complex and Symplectic Geometry, Mathematical Physics (with a special emphasis on the Geometric Theory of Integrable Systems and Continuum Mechanics), Numerical Analysis, Probability Theory (with a special emphasis on application to Statistical Mechanics applications and stochastic control), Topology and Dynamical Systems.

The scientific life of the department is further enriched by the presence of several brilliant young post-docs in various areas of Mathematics, who contribute with seminars, courses and discussions to create a stimulating environment.

A description of the department and of the PhD program, together with a list of the most recent PhD classes can be found on the web page (in Italian)

The program is three-year long, and 4 or 5 fellowships will be available for deserving students. Furthermore, periods of study and research abroad during the program are strongly encouraged, and they entail a considerable increase of the fellowship. The Department of Mathematics and Applications has a wide range of international collaborations. The Università di Milano Bicocca also encourages the completion of joint PhD programs, in collaboration with foreign universities.

Two of the available fellowships will be especially targeted to students having obtained the university degree from foreign universities.

The priority list will be determined upon evaluation of university career, attendance of schools, publications, recommendation letters, and an interview.

For students from abroad, applying for the two targeted fellowships, the interview will take place by means of a video-conference (this requires a routine prior technical arrangement).

The formal announcement and technical details can be found (in Italian and English) on the web page:

The first ten pages cover application instructions and general legal information. In particular, details on the amount of the fellowship and its increase during periods abroad can be found in Art. 9 on page 8. Specific information regarding Mathematics can be found on page 18.

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013
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