PhD position in Mathematics (TOP Project)

The Korteweg-de Vries Institute for Mathematics (KdVI) at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) invites you to apply for a PhD position on the project entitled 'Methods from complex dynamics for locating zeroes of graph polynomials.'

Project description:

The project combines elements from graph theory, complex analysis and dynamical systems, and is motivated by problems in complexity theory and statistical physics. The goal is to use and develop techniques in complex dynamical systems to solve open problems in graph theory regarding the location of zeros for graph polynomials. Examples of such graph polynomials include the partition function of the Potts model, the Ising model, the independence polynomial and the chromatic polynomial. Renormalization on recursively defined graphs induces iteration problems for rational maps in one or several complex variables. While the theory in one variable is quite well understood, in several variables many of the tools still remain to be developed.

The project is funded through the TOP 1 NWO grant 'Methods from complex dynamics for locating zeros of graphs polynomials' of Han Peters and Guus Regts.

You will also be involved in teaching in our Bachelor and/or Master programmes in Mathematics. An appropriate travel budget will be provided to attend conferences and present relevant publications.

- A Master degree in Mathematics or related field;
- fluency in English, both written and spoken.

Experience in teaching is a plus.

Webpage for further information and application, see the link below.

Job location: 
Science Park 107
1098 XG Amsterdam
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