PhD position: shape analysis applied to neuroimaging.

PhD position: shape analysis applied to neuroimaging.

The LATP ( and LSIS ( labs, Aix-Marseille University, France, are seeking a candidate for a PhD in the field of shape analysis applied to neuroimaging.

We are looking for an excellent Ph.D. candidate with a good background in applied mathematics and/or image analysis as well as an interest for neuroimaging. A minimum level of programming skills is required (Matlab, Python, C++). The applicant must have completed Master studies in applied mathematics, computer science, or image analysis prior to starting the program. Excellent academic results during the Master studies are required.
The candidate is expected to start in September-October 2013.

The project is part of a collaboration between the two laboratories which will provide a co-supervision of the PhD student.
The LATP lab is a fundamental and applied mathematics lab based in Marseille that includes a team specialised in probabilities, statistics, and signal processing.
The LSIS lab is a computer science and information technology lab that includes a team specialised in image analysis with many years of experience in neuroimaging.

Salary: roughly 1600€/month (before tax but including health insurance, social security and fees)

The project is dedicated to the study of shape representations and distances between shapes. In particular, shape representations using directly the surface of the shapes, such as currents, and those using scalar maps describing the geometry of the shapes, such as Laplacian eigenfunctions, curvelets or shearlets, need to be compared. Their ability to capture global, local, or multiscale directional information is of particular interest. The goal is to produce methods that can be used to perform cortical morphometrics and characterize cortical folding patterns. Both labs can provide a solid theoretical environment and access to large databases of neuroimaging data.

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Please send your application including your CV with a letter of motivation, and a list of courses you followed with grades and evaluations to

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013
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Olivier Coulon
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