PhD position in Statistics

The Statistics group at Delft University of Technology offers the following PHD position.

Project: Smooth Shape Constrained Nonparametric Methods

The PhD candidate will conduct research in the field of mathematical statistics, in particular on shape constrained non-parametric and semi-parametric methods. The research will focus on smooth shape constrained methods, taking into account both the development of theoretical properties as well as computational aspects. Recently there have been some developments in this area and the project is intended to extend these results to several shape constrained models, such as Cox proportional hazards model and other semi- and non-parametric models. Apart from having an interest in mathematical statistics, the PhD candidate is supposed to have some background and interest in probability theory.

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Prof.Dr. G.Jongbloed


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Mekelweg 4
2628CD Delft
Contact and application information
Thursday, August 28, 2014
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Rik Lopuhaa
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