PhD position in stochastic signal processing

The observation of the ocean surface using electromagnetic systems (radars for instance) has always been a dynamic research area. The stakes are very high for many applications: environmental monitoring, military expertise, border control, seaborne trade... From a scientific point of view, one of the main challenges is to understand the interaction between electromagnetic waves and sea surfaces [2]. This difficult topic has already led to an abundant scientific literature for several decades involving wave physics, signal processing and fluid mechanics.
In the present project, the sea surface is supposed to be a time-evolving random rough surface. Quite recently, different studies showed that the dynamics of the electromagnetic wave scattered by such rough surfaces can be described by stochastic differential equations. More precisely, these new models are based upon nonlinear stochastic differential systems [1,3,4]. This new approach will probably be an important source of innovation for maritime environment observation.

Expected Work:
The first purpose of the PhD thesis is to introduce the new stochastic models into well-known signal processing algorithms dedicated to maritime remote sensing systems (radar systems). The task will be to highlight the performance enhancements obtained thanks to these new models.
However, the actual aim is to develop new algorithms that take full advantages of these stochastic models. Thus, the Phd student is expected to develop innovative signal processing algorithms and new theoretical contributions to improve the performances of the remote sensing systems.

Candidate profile:
Candidates should have great skills in applied mathematics, signal processing theory, inverse problem and should be familiar with stochastic calculus (Itô integral, Stratonovich integral, stochastic differential equations...). A good knowledge in electromagnetics or maritime environment would be appreciated.

Due to funding considerations, the candidate has to be French or from EU.

Job location: 
ENSTA Bretagne, 2 rue François Verny
29806 Brest cedex 9
Contact and application information
Saturday, April 30, 2016
Contact name: 
Arnaud Coatanhay