PhD position in time-frequency analysis

The position is part of the project P 29462 of the Austrian Science Fund "Time-frequency analysis beyond algebraic contexts", led by José Luis Romero.


In time-frequency analysis diverse phenomena are studied in the time and frequency domain simultaneously. The field is very rich, reaching into harmonic and functional analysis on the one hand, and acoustics, wireless communications, and statistical data analysis on the other, and it is particularly successful in treating problems whose spectral characteristics evolve with time. Certain important tools of time-frequency analysis are only available in restricted contexts because they rely on special symmetries. A main goal of the project is to extend the scope and applicability of such tools, to cover new contexts as demanded by applications. The doctoral student will contribute to the project. Depending on the candidate's interests, the doctoral research topics can be oriented towards pure or applied mathematics.


The doctoral student will interact with the Acoustic Research Institute at the Austrian Academy of Sciences and with the Numerical Harmonic Analysis Group at the University of Vienna, both vibrant research teams with wide international recognition.


Requirements for the position: the candidate should have a master degree or equivalent diploma in mathematics.

The position is for 3 years and should lead to a doctoral degree in Mathematics from the University of Vienna. The initial contract will be for 6 months, and extended following an evaluation. The salary is based on the scale of the Austrian Science Fund.


Applications are to be sent by email to the address below with subject line "PhD application". Please include in a single PDF file a CV, a brief description of previous research, and contact information of possible research references. Applications will be reviewed from April 2017 on, until the position is filled. The position is available from July 2017, but special requests on the starting date can be accommodated.



José Luis Romero

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Friday, March 31, 2017
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Jose Luis Romero
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