PhD students in Mathematics

The department of Mathematics, Stockholm University is looking for PhD students starting coming academic year. The Department of Mathematics at Stockholm University has with its long tradition of excellent research acquired a prominent place in Scandinavian mathematics. The department consists of two divisions: mathematics and mathematical statistics. Professors and lecturers working at the division of mathematics have competence in many different areas of mathematics ranging from algebra, geometry and analysis to mathematical logic and combinatorics. There are three active research groups at the department: algebra and geometry, analysis and mathematical physics and mathematical logic. 


Information about potential PhD advisors and suggestions for PhD projects in mathematics can be found at the department’s homepage – see the link:

Please note that these projects are suggestions. You may suggest a project of your own. In this case, we recommend that you contact a suitable advisor at the department, whose research interests are closest to the topic of your project, before submitting your application.

The employment is for a maximum of five years. Up to 20% departmental duties are included in the employment.


Job location: 
Roslagsvägen 101
106 91 Stockholm
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