Post-doc position in modeling of spread of antimicrobial resistance in microbial communities

The University of Stavanger, Norway has a 2 year postdoc position open to work on a project to develop mathematical models for the spread of antimicrobial resistance in wastewater treatment plants. The positions will be part of an EU funded research project under the JPI-EC-AMR Joint Transnational Call for Research Projects on the Transmission Dynamics of Antibacterial Resistance. 

Two approaches will be examined in this project. The first is to use deterministic ordinary differential equations. The plant, bacterial populations and resistance genes are treated as continuous concentration state variables, and production and degradation are modeled by pseudo-kinetics and conversion stoichiometries. The second is individual-based and stochastic. An individual based model (IBM) is one where bacterial classes (guilds and genotypes), genetic carriers (plasmids) and viruses (bacteriophages) are treated as individual and discrete populations.

The modeling will benefit from experimental work done as other work-packages in the overall project. WWTP samples will be collected and analyzed for bacterial, and phage communities and resistance phenotype of the bacteria. A controlled lab scale Sequencing Batch Reactor equipped with automatic sequence control and process monitoring will also be used. It will be loaded with artificial wastewater and a complex microbial sample from a WWTP will be inoculated with an organism supplied with a biomarker on a mobile genetic element (e.g. plasmid). The spread of the biomarker through the population will be experimentally monitored.

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The University of Stavanger (UiS) is located the city of Stavanger which is part of the third largest urban region in Norway. Stavanger is in the south western part of Norway and is well connected with an international airport with daily routes to major European hubs such as Amsterdam, London, and Copenhagen. See also

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Universitetet i Stavanger
4036 Stavanger
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Tuesday, October 2, 2018
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Kristian Thorsen
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