Post-doc Positions at IMUS Post-doc position ERC Grant "Analysis of moving incompressible fluid interfaces"

The ERC Grant "Analysis of moving incompressible fluid interfaces", leaded by Francisco Gancedo, offers a 1-year post-doctoral position.

The call will be open on 15th November 2018. The candidates should have analysis of PDEs background. The salary is competitive and teaching duties are up to the candidate.

The applicants should send an e-mail to "" with the subject: ERC postdoc application + "last name of the applicant" and the following documentation:

A curriculum vitae.
A two-page research statement.
Two letters of recommendation.

Research project:

The research of this proposal is focused on solving problems that involve the evolution of fluid interfaces. The project will investigate the dynamics of free boundaries arising between incompressible fluids of different nature. The main concern is well-posed scenarios which include the possible formation of singularities in finite time or lack thereof, existence of solutions for all time. These contour dynamics issues are governed by fundamental fluid mechanics equations such as the Euler, Navier-Stokes, Darcy and quasi-geostrophic systems. They model important problems such as water waves, viscous waves, Muskat, interface Hele-Shaw and SQG sharp front evolution. All these contour dynamics frameworks will be studied with emphasis on singularity formation and global existence results, not only for their importance in mathematical physics, but also for their mathematical interest. These present huge challenges which will in particular require the use of different tools and methods from several areas of mathematics. The main goal of this project is to delve into and expand analytical and numerics techniques to go beyond the state of the art in these contour dynamics problems for incompressible fluids.

Job location: 
Edificio Celestino Mutis, primera planta, Avda. Reina Mercedes, s/n, 41012
41012 Sevilla Se
Contact and application information
Tuesday, January 15, 2019
Contact name: 
Elena Moreno Portillo