Post-doctoral contract on Philosophy of Mathematics on the Institute of Mathematics of the University of Seville

The Excellence Research Grant The Genesis of Mathematical Knowledge: cognition, history, practices, led by José Ferreirós, will be offering a 2-year term post-doctoral contract.


The call will be open on 3rd December 2014.

(Added on 2014/12/02):  Call information


Candidates should have a background in philosophy of mathematics, links between cognition and mathematical practice, or the interactions logic/mathematics and physics/mathematics. They must have obtained their PhD before start of the grant, and at most 10 years ago (exceptions apply in case of maternity leaves).


Interested candidates are asked to contact the project leader, Prof. Ferreirós (josef [at]


Further info on the research project:  

This research Project has two main lines of investigation. One deals with mathematical cognition –broadly conceived to include e.g. explicit representations such as diagrams– and its connections with the practice of mathematics, where we expect to obtain new insights from interdisciplinary collaboration and discussion between cognitive scientists and philosophers of mathematics (or, more broadly, experts in logic, philosophy, history, and methodology of maths). The second has to do with rethinking issues in the philosophy of arithmetic, philosophy of logic, the configuration of classical mathematics in the period 1700-1850, and the links between mathematics and physics, from the standpoint of recent studies in the philosophy of mathematical practice (in the spirit of APMP, see

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Monday, December 22, 2014
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Prof. José Ferreirós
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