Postdoc in applied topology

Two years - Postdoc position at ISI Foundation - Torino
within the EU - FET Open Project TOPDRIM

The ideal candidate will have a strong background in mathematics, with a special focus on algebraic topology and representation theory.
Good programming skills are required.
Knowledge of statistical mechanics and/or network theory is a plus.
He/she has the willing to work in a group and to cooperate with the researchers at the ISI foundation

Research theme

Many complex systems are characterized by multi-level properties that make the study of their dynamics and of their emerging phenomena a daunting task. The huge amount of data available in modern sciences
can be expected to support great progress in these studies, even though the nature of the data varies. Given that, it is crucial to extract as much as possible features from data, including qualitative
(topological) ones. The goal of this project is to provide methods driven by the topology of data for describing the dynamics of multi-level complex systems. To this end the project will develop new
mathematical and computational formalism accounting for topological effects. To pursue these objectives the project brings together scientists from many diverse fields including as topology and
geometry, statistical physics and information theory, computer science and biology. The proposed methods, obtained through concerted efforts, will cover different aspects of the science of complexity ranging from foundations, to simulations through modelling and analysis, and are expected to constitute the building blocks for a new generalized theory of complexity.

The consortium is formed by ISI Torino, Univ.of Amsterdam, Univ. of Camerino, Univ. Aix Marseille, Open Univ. London, Univ. South Denmark Odense.

The position will be within this framework.

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Some info on Torino

If interested, please send

- motivation letter
- CV

both in pdf format, to

Reference letters are welcome and should be sent to the same email address.

Francesco Vaccarino
Research Leader

ISI Foundation
Via Alassio 11/c
10126 Torino - Italy

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Contact and application information
Monday, April 29, 2013
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Francesco Vaccarino