PostDoc position in Mathematics (Probbaility and group theory)


A flexible length (Up to 3 years) Post-Doctoral position in Mathematics. Specifically in the areas of Probability or discrete groups
Host: Dr. Gidi Amir, Bar-Ilan University. 
Place: Bar-Ilan university,Israel  (*) with an option of long stays at Göttingen, Germany.

Detailed description: We are looking for one or more post-doctoral researchers in mathematics. The two main projects we are interested in have to do with probability on groups, however researchers in most areas of probability are encouraged to apply and we may also pursue other research interests. Two suggested projects 1. Geometric exponents of random walks on groups - i.e. what are the possible behaviours of speed, entropy , return probabilities etc.. of random walks on groups. What are the relations between such quantities and other  group properties etc.. and 2. Extensive amenablity, group actions  and inverted orbits. - the study of amenability and Liouville property of groups via their actions (and Schreier graphs).  We will be happy to describe these in more detail.
(*) Part of the funding comes from a joint German-Israeli foundation grant with Prof. Laurent Bartholdi. It will be possible to do parts of the post-doc at Bartholdi's group in Göttingen. Funds will be available to cover travel costs and the higher cost of living while there.

Job is academic with a competitive salary and no teaching required. Other top Israeli institutions such as Tel-Aviv University and the Weizmann Institute are nearby and interaction with them during the post-doc can be very beneficial.

The position is for up to 2+1 years, though time-length and starting date are  flexible. Short-term applications for periods as short as 3 months will also be considered.

Application Process:
The application materials should be sent by e-mail to and should include:

Curriculum vitae
List of publications
Research statement 
Two or three letters of recommendation, which should be sent directly by the recommenders.

Applications will be considered on an ongoing basis until the position is filled.


Contact and application information
Friday, January 20, 2017
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