Postdoctoral Fellow in Arithmetic Geometry and Representation Theory

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Project description

The position is open to a broad range of topics in arithmetic geometry and representation theory. Particular interest will be given to projects that aim to unravel algebraicity; that is, to unearth algebraic structure in objects which superficially seem to be based beyond the confines of algebraic geometry, say in analysis. Two important examples of this are: 
(i) Understanding the algebraicity of automorphic representations over number fields and its connection to the Langlands Program. 
(ii) Related issues in algebraic geometry, such as Carayol’s program concerning Griffiths-Schmid manifolds and a program being developed by our faculty member Wushi Goldring, jointly with Jean-Stefan Koskivirta, to study the geometry engendered by stacks of G-Zips – viewed as mod p analogues of Hermitian symmetric – and more generally Mumford-Tate – domains.

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10691 Stockholm
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Monday, April 3, 2017
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Wushi Goldring
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