Postdoctoral Fellowship in CFD - Multiscale fluid dynamics modelling of cellular transport and adhesion using particle methods

Applications are invited for a postdoctoral position in computational biomicrofluidics at the CFD group (BCAM). The focus of the project will be on multiscale modelling of the dynamics and adhesion of cells using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics and Dissipative Particle Dynamics methods. In many biological processes it is important to predict accurately the cellular transport, separation and deposition close to walls in presence of a complex unsteady flow. This is critical to control drug delivery and/or cellular sorting under microfludics conditions, but also for the understanding of several cardiovascular pathologies such as, for example, atherosclerosis. This is a degenerative disease of the arterial wall that is thought to be initiated due to inflammation of the arterial endothelium, promoting the over-deposition of white blood cells. This anomalous WBC accumulation is sitespecific and can lead to initial stage lesions or, on a long-term timescale, atherosclerotic plaques. To study these complex flow problems, we have recently developed a multiscale transport model for leukocytes and coupled it to an endothelial cell receptor binding model in order to link the flow transport and surface biology. The postdoctoral candidate will work under the supervision of Prof. Marco Ellero (CFD group, BCAM) on the developments and use of novel mesoscopic particle-simulation methods to better understand the dynamics and adhesion of cells under microfluidics conditions. This task will be performed in collaboration with Prof. Jesus Ruiz-Cabello (CIC Biomagune) and the eHealth and Biomedical Department of VICOMTECH, an applied research centre in the Basque Country working on innovative technological solutions in the biomedical sector.

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Avenida Mazarredo 14
48009 Bilbao Bizkaia
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