Postdoctoral position in computational mathematics

The Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics
( at Umea University is seeking a candidate for a
postdoctoral researcher position at UMIT Research Lab to work with
Andre Massing on the ESSENCE funded project "An Open Source HPC Cut
Finite Element Software Platform".

In this project we employ and advance a novel discretization
framework, the Cut Finite Element Method (CutFEM), to develop a
simulation platform for complex multiphysics flows arising, for
instance, in the modeling of droplet-based microfluidic devices,
dynamics of foams, or cell motility. The main task of the project is
to provide one of the existing open source and massively parallelized
finite element platforms such as deal.ii ( or mfem
( with modern, state-of-the-art CutFEM capabilities,
and to apply the resulting simulation platform to a number of
challenging multiphase flow problems.

The project requires a sound working knowledge in the implementation
of finite element methods and good programming skills in C++.
Experience with large-scale computing and/or an open source, C++-based
finite element framework such as FEniCS, deal.ii, mfem, ngsolve, DUNE
etc. are considered merits.

The position is a two-years full-time research employment without
teaching duties that will open March 2019, or as otherwise agreed.

For further details and to apply, please visit:


Job location: 
Umeå University
90187 Umeå
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