Postdoctoral researcher

Research areas and type of position

The candidate’s research shall concern at least one of the following areas:

  • geometric measure theory,
  • geometric analysis,
  • elliptic partial differential equations, and
  • calculus of variations.

The position yields the opportunity to conduct an independent research programme without teaching duties; it is supervised by Ulrich Menne (see <>). Possible present or future connections to his research are appreciated.

Related research in Taipei

Apart of the National Taiwan Normal University, the research environment in Taipei comprises the National Taiwan University, the National Center for Theoretical Sciences (NCTS), and the Academia Sinica. In particular through the involvement of the NCTS, joint activities in various combinations yield a steady stream of visitors through conferences or regular seminars such as the NCTS Differential Geometry seminar (see <>).

Benefits of living in Taiwan(R.O.C.)

Concerning daily life, Taiwan is known for its

For expatriates, Taiwan is routinely ranked as one of the top places worldwide to live in (see<>).

Salary of the position

The annual gross salary will be determined, depending on level of research quality and experience, according to the NTNU payment scheme in the range NTD 763,830 to 1,056,038; it is paid in 13.5 monthly salaries. After tax and insurances for health and labour, an estimated net salary of NTD 724,258 to 991,529 results (approximately, USD 23,700 to 32,500, EUR 21,600 to 29,500, or GBP 18,400 to 25,100); tax rates depend on the candidate’s personal situation.

Starting date and duration

The starting date is flexible. We expect to hire with the beginning of the academic year (summer or autumn 2020); however, starting dates in spring may also be arranged. Independent of the starting date, the position may be extended till September 2023 included.

Required documents

Three reference letters: objective description of research achievements and potential.
Summaries top three publications: title and abstract of the candidate’s three most significant publications for the advertised research area; links (e.g., via DOI or arXiv) to full text appreciated.
Research statement: highlighting key achievements and future research plans.
Curriculum vitae: professional career, education (BSc, MSc, PhD, or equivalent).
Publication list: accepted journal publications, arXiv preprints, PhD thesis.
All documents may only be submitted at <>.

Shortlisting procedure

Phase I: mainly based on reference letters and top three publications.
Phase II: additionally based on research statement and full text of top publications.
Phase III (optional): individual interviews with selected candidates via web conference.


  • 10 January 2020: deadline and begin of phase I;
  • 20-31 January 2020: no progress should be expected due to Chinese New Year holiday;
  • 14 February 2020: end of phase III.

Further information

Ulrich Menne (see <>)

Professor and Yushan Young Scholar
Department of Mathematics
National Taiwan Normal University
No.88, Sec.4, Tingzhou Rd.
Wenshan Dist., TAIPEI CITY 11677

Job location: 
NTNU, Department of Mathematics
No.88, Sec.4, Tingzhou Rd.
11677 Wenshan Dist. Taipei City
Contact and application information
Friday, January 10, 2020
Contact name: 
Ulrich Menne