Professor of Mathematics

Appointment Specification

The post and its location
Applications are hereby invited for the position of Professor of Mathematics at the University of Turku in the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. We seek an expert in the field of mathematical analysis with international experience.

The employment will be permanent.

The duties of the professor include conducting and supervising scientific research, teaching, staying up-to-date with the most current scientific developments in the field, and participating in societal interaction and international cooperation.

The employment will be in the department of Mathematics and Statistics where there are in addition to the professorship being filled ten professors and about 50-60 scientific and other staff. According to the strategy of the university mathematical research is one of the research areas in an advanced development stage. The department is as a whole very active in research. The strongest research areas in mathematics are discrete mathematics and mathematical analysis. There are about 20 doctoral candidates. The annual intake of undergraduate students is at the moment 60-70 ( About half of the mathematics graduates will work as teachers.

The person to be appointed is expected to lead her/his own research group. The person is expected to obtain external research funding, to participate actively in teaching at the basic and advanced level and to develop these as well as to participate in administrative duties. The person is required to have internationally acknowledged high level research in mathematical analysis. An important part of the duties includes responsibility for teacher education.

The salary for this post is determined in accordance with the university salary system for teaching and research personnel when drawing up the employment contract.

Application procedure
This position will be advertised in the public domain. The period during which applications may be submitted is 30 days.

Applications, which must be submitted in writing, should be addressed to the Rector of the University of Turku and delivered to the University Registry (by email to and or by post to University of Turku, Kirjaamo, FI-20014 TURUN YLIOPISTO, FINLAND). The application must reach the Registry Office not later than the close of business (15:45 Finnish time) on the final day for applications.

Applications must include:

A curriculum vitae
An academic portfolio in accordance with university practice employer/Pages/Coming-to-Work-for-the-University.aspx
A list of applicant’s scientific publications (all publications)
a shortlist of those publications and other works (numbered, the maximum number of items is 10) which the applicant wishes to highlight to prove his/her qualifications and merit for the post
a clarification of the applicant’s role and contribution in co-authored publications shortlisted
the shortlisted publications mentioned in 4a with clear file names (pdf) are sent by email to

The publications should be classified to the following categories:
- Articles in the international journals with a review procedure
- Articles in the international conference proceedings and compilations, which have a review procedure
- Monographs
- Other scientific publications, such as national articles (with a review procedure), articles in scientific journals and conference proceedings without a review procedure, publications in university and department series.

In addition, all other publications (textbooks, general common sense articles, etc.), patents, computer programs, talks, guest lectures, radio and television programmes etc. can be listed as their own group.
A written statement of not more than two typed pages, setting out the applicant’s vision for the future development of research and teaching in the discipline concerned.

All the documents must be submitted in the English language.

Applicants are required to state how they may be contacted during the selection process, and to declare the address and email address to which written communications should be sent.

The detailed appointment specification can be found from:

Additional information
Queries concerning the position can be directed to:
Head of Administration, Merja Fehlig
Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, FI-20014 Turun yliopisto, Finland
phone +358 2 333 5601
email: merja.fehlig(at)

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Contact and application information
Thursday, May 23, 2013
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University of Turku