A cellular automaton (CA) is an idealization of a physical system in which space and time are discrete, and the state of any site of the CA takes one of a finite set of states. Cellular automata (CAs) are models for complex systems that have proven their usefulness in a wide variety of domains, such as physics, engineering, biology, and sociology. For what concerns computer vision and digital image processing tasks, CAs have great potential for the development, which will be exploited within the framework of this project. More precisely, we aim at the development of image processing techniques that are based on CAs, and which will be used to tackle application-specific problems that have arisen in the margin of ongoing projects at both the Universidade de São Paulo and Ghent University. Prospective fields of application include botany, mycology, microbiology, and so on. We expect to build upon the expertise and knowledge present in these institutions.

Prospective fields of application include biology, bioinformatics, botany, mycology, microbiology, imaging, computer vision, artificial intelligence, cryptography, physics, and so on.

The prospective PhD student will be working in Brazil for most of the time, but has to spend at least one year in Belgium in order to be eligible for a joint/double degree. Furthermore, he/she should either subscribe in the doctoral programme in computational physics at IFSC – USP or in the doctoral programme in computational mathematics at ICMC – USP.
Prospective candidates should have a master’s degree in computer science, physics, mathematics, engineering, or equivalent and be willing to draft a project proposal in order to be eligible for a full scholarship. A scholarship will be provided by the doctoral programme to which the candidate subscribes or by FAPESP.

Interested parties should contact Prof. Odemir Bruno and Jan Baetens by sending an e-mail before February 15, 2016 with subject line PhD opportunity USP-UGent, together with a letter of motivation and CV.

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