Tenure Track Position in Applied Math/Statistics

Clermont-Auvergne University will open a Tenure Track position in Applied Mathematics, in the Blaise Pascal Mathematics Laboratory (LMBP, UNMR CNRS 6620). This position will be funded by the I-SITE project CAP-2025. The University expects applications from international experts in the following fields :
• Analysis and simulation of PDEs deriving from fluid mechanics ;
• Theoretical and numerical analysis of control and optimisation problems ; • Statistical modeling and machine learning.
The hired candidate will participate in the multidisciplinary projects with which the LMBP is involved in the CAP 20-25 challenge « Innovative systems and services for transport and production » and in particular :
• Modelization of multiphasic fluids in which seeds are transported for a better understanding of the complex processes inside a seedling machine, in collaboration with IRSTEA ;
• Command control, robotics, ... in collaboration with the Pascal Institute and the LIMOS ;
• Deep (bayesian) learning and applications : image analysis, video... in collaboration with the Pascal Institute, the LIMOS and IRSTEA.

Job location: 
Blaise Pascal Mathematics Laboratory, Clermont-Auvergne University
Campus des Cezeaux
631178 Aubiere
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