Tenure Track position as Assistant Professor in Machine Learning

Umeå University welcomes applications for a tenure track position as Assistant Professor in Machine Learning. The position, which is established through the Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program (WASP, http://wasp-sweden.org/), comes with a substantial recruitment package that includes full funding of two PhD students and two postdocs.

The primary focus for this position is research on advanced machine learning techniques. The successful applicant can request to be affiliated with the Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics which has an expansive research program on the mathematical foundations of artificial intelligence, including the mathematics of deep learning, statistical learning with sparsity, optimization, and compressive sensing.

Your expertise should primarily be within the core areas of machine learning as e.g.:

• Data representation learning

• Explainability and interpretability of AI/ML systems

• Incremental learning, and multi-task/transfer learning

• Interaction between AI, machines, humans and society

• Learning methods for estimating robustness, stability and reliability of AI/ML systems

• Learning with non-convexity (e.g., GANs, sequential learning, reinforcement learning)

• Statistical learning

The successful candidate will have an important role in developing the area of machine learning at the department. The candidate is also expected to develop collaboration across departmental boundaries inside and outside the University and within WASP.

The position is for 5 years, of which 80 % is for research and and 20 % for pedagogical qualification/teaching. 

A successful applicant who requests to be affiliated with the Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics will also benefit from extensive departmental support that can, for example, include extra start-up funds and co-funding of additional PhD students.

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Umeå University
90187 Umeå
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