Tenure Track Professorship (W2, associate) "Geometry"

The Institute of Algebra and Geometry at the Faculty of Mathematics of the OVGU
(Otto-von-Guericke-Universität) Magdeburg, Germany,
invites applications for the following position to be filled on October, 1, 2018.
W2-Pofessorship is comparable to an Associate Professorship:

Tenure Track Professorship (W2) „Geometry“

A special focus of the professorship is to extend the research perspectives of the Institute of
Algebra and Geometry and improve research cooperation with other institutes and other research
partners within the university. You are expected to develop an independent and innovative
research program in Geometry with relations to Algebra and Discrete Mathematics.

The recruitment will initially be in a temporary employment relationship for a period of five years.
Remuneration is in accordance with the German W-Besoldung at level W2 Be-soldungsgesetz Sachsen-Anhalt.
Following a positive evaluation in the final year, the position will be converted to a permanent
W2 professorship. Language proficiency in German is expected to be acquired during the first two years.
As a professorship at the OvGU, this position is equipped with an appropriate budget for travel, equipment,
a research assistant etc.

Job location: 
Fakultät für Mathematik
Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg. Postfach 4120
39016 Magdeburg
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