Two assistant professors in basic sciences

What we’re building on
Do you work in astronomy, chemistry, computer science, earth science, physics or pure mathematics? Then please keep on reading. These areas all constitute a large part of our platform.
We are an eclectic group of researchers dedicated to answering the call of our chosen sciences. Some are leading experts in fields so specialised that our closest colleagues are on the other side of the planet. This is the nature of studying the universe.
There are eight departments at Chalmers University of Technology with various groups working in the basic sciences under this programme. These include Applied Physics, Chemical and Biological Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Earth and Space Sciences, Energy and Environment, Fundamental Physics, Mathematical Sciences and Microtechnology and Nanoscience.

Where will you take it next?
We believe that your work is based on theory or experiments with the main objective being to understand nature or man-made artefacts, and that you will benefit from an environment where scientists are encouraged to cross borders to make progress. Your insights will help to develop the foundations of a university that seeks excellence in both pure and applied sciences.

The position
The successful candidate will conduct research within basic sciences, in line with the intentions described in the application. The position will be placed at the department of her or his choice.
The assistant professorship is a 4-year full time position starting in 2012. The position includes at least 80% research and at most 10% teaching within relevant areas.
The specific aim of the assistant professorship period is to build and establish a research group with external funding. The researcher is also expected to be adviser for one PhD-student.
Chalmers University of Technology offers an attractive working environment characterized by equal rights and opportunities for everybody.

The offer
This offer includes a fully financed four-year position at Chalmers, as well as financing of one PhD student and some operational costs. A leadership training programme, including career planning, together with courses in graduate student supervision and teaching is connected to the position. The offer also includes a language course for non-Swedish speakers and a relocation package (including moving costs and help with practical issues for people moving to Sweden). After four years, an assistant professor who has been appointed in open competition may, under certain circumstances, be considered for appointment to a permanent position as associate professor.

Further information on required qualifications and how to write your application

Contact and application information
Monday, April 30, 2012
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