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The Meetings Committee of The EMS is mainly concerned with activities
listed below; it seeks suggestions and nominations accordingly:

  1. Nominations for EMS Lecturers: An EMS Lecturer, typically
    appointed once a year, is an honorary post, bestowed on an
    internationally renowned researcher. An EMS Lecturer is asked to
    deliver several lectures in various European places, where one of the
    lectures is tied to an international conference in Europe. List of Previous EMS Lecturers
  2. Nominations for EMS Distinguished Speakers: An EMS
    Distinguished Speaker is a prestigious appointment, awarded to an
    internationally renowned researcher. An EMS Distinguished Speaker is
    asked to deliver a plenary lecture in a large regional or
    international European conference.
  3. Proposals for EMS Weekends: An EMS Weekend is a regional
    European conference, interdisciplinary and covering several
    mathematical fields; usually organized jointly with one or several
    corporate societies. Previous EMS Weekends

Moreover, the Meetings Committee offers advice to the Executive
Committee in all questions related to meetings and summer school

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Recent Activities       Calls

Subjects cover all parts of mathematics, pure and applied.

EC responsible member: Laurence Halpern, Email:

Chair: Nils Dencker
Term of office: 2012 - 2015
Term: I
Vice-Chair: Michael Drmota
Term of office: 2014-2017
Term: II


Name Term of office Term Email
Christine Bernardi 2013-2016 I bernardi@ann.jussieu.fr (Webpage)
Alexander Bufetov 2014-2017 I bufetov@mi.ras.ru (Webpage)
Ciro Ciliberto 2013-2016 I cilibert@axp.mat.uniroma2.it (Webpage)
Dan Crisan 2013-2016 I d.crisan@imperial.ac.uk (Webpage)
Michael Drmota 2014-2017 II michael.drmota@tuwien.ac.at (Webpage)
Rui Loja Fernandes 2014-2017 II ruiloja@illinois.edu (Webpage)
Birgit Jacob 2014-2017 I jacob@math.uni-wuppertal.de (Webpage)
Martin Mathieu 2014-2017 I m.m@qub.ac.uk (Webpage)
Stefan Nemirovski 2013-2016 I stefan@mi.ras.ru (Webpage)
Carlos Pérez Moreno 2013-2016 I carlosperez@us.es (Webpage)
Martin Raussen 2014-2017 II raussen@math.aau.dk (Webpage)
Robert Weismantel 2014-2017 I robert.weismantel@ifor.math.ethz.ch (Webpage)

Past Members

Name Term of office Term Email
Zvi Artstein 2010-2013 I zvi.artstein@weizmann.ac.il (Webpage)
Daniel Barlet 2010-2013 I Daniel.Barlet@iecn.u-nancy.fr (Webpage)
Stefan Caenepeel 2010-2013 I scaenepe@vub.ac.be (Webpage)
Gilles Godefroy 2010-2013 I godefroy@math.jussieu.fr (Webpage)
Ursula Hamenstädt 2010-2013 I ursula@math.uni-bonn.de (Webpage)
Bronislaw Jakubczyk 2010-2013 I jakubczy@impan.pl (Webpage)
Dmitry Kozlov 2010-2013 I dfk@informatik.uni-bremen.de (Webpage)
Sylvie Paycha 2010-2013 I Sylvie.Paycha@math.univ-bpclermont.fr (Webpage)
Julian Revalski 2010-2013 I revalski@cecm.sfu.ca (Webpage)
Tullio Zolezzi 2010-2013 I zolezzi@dima.unige.it (Webpage)

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