EMS e-news 34, March 2020



Dear members of the EMS,
As mentioned in my last editorial, the world is changing very fast, in particular where open access publishing and new media is concerned. The great news is that Zentralblatt MATH (zbMATH), the world’s most comprehensive and longest-running abstracting and reviewing service in pure and applied mathematics is becoming open access by the beginning of 2021. zbMath is edited by the EMS, the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities, and FIZ Karlsruhe. See the item under Miscellanea below.

EMS e-news 33, December 2019



Dear EMS members,


The world is in a period of fast transition which also affects societies like the EMS. This concerns not only the impact on our research of digitalization and artificial intelligence, but also on the ways that scientific societies interact and communicate with their members.

EMS e-news 32, September 2019



Dear EMS members,


Let me welcome you all back after a hopefully relaxing summer, with hopefully also a lot of great scientific activities. A mathematical highlight this summer was definitely the ICIAM congress in Valencia, see www.iciam2019.org/ , which had approximately 4000 participants and was opened by the King of Spain. The congress covered all areas of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, and clearly showed the importance of mathematics in society.

EMS e-News 29, December 2018



- EMS Protest against the arrest of Betül Tanbay

The EMS issued a statement on 16th November 2018, strongly protesting the detention by the Turkish authorities of our Vice-President Elect Professor Betül Tanbay on 16th November. We are pleased to report that Betül has subsequently been released from custody. However we continue to have grave concerns about her situation, and are monitoring the situation. We are grateful for the many expressions of support and solidarity we have received from the community.

EMS e-News 28, September 2018



- The Council meeting

The EMS Council (our society’s highest authority) convened 23-24 June in Prague. It elected Volker Mehrmann as the new EMS President for 2019-2022. Betül Tanbay was elected as new Vice-President, and Jorge Buescu joins the Executive Committee as a member-at-large. The council approved the EMS budget and made a number of decisions, in particular, introduced a system of lifetime membership.


- The Gordin Prize

EMS e-News 27, June 2018



- The Executive Committee Meeting

The Executive Committee met 23-25 March in Rome, on the kind invitation of the Italian Mathematical Union. The extensive discussion included the committees for the 2020 European Congress and preparations for the Council (see next item).


- Heading towards the Council


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