Call for Proposal 2011 at the CIEM

The CIEM (International Center for Mathematical Meetings) is now seeking activity proposals for the year 2011. CIEM is a joint initiative of the University of Cantabria and the Municipality of Castro Urdiales whose fundamental and fundational goal is to promote quality mathematical research, be it in its more basic or its more applied and computational aspects, with special emphasis to multidisciplinar ventures. It has been organizing some 10 to 15 events every year since its foundation, in 2006. It is based in the cantabrian town of Castro Urdiales, of indisputable touristic value and conveniently placed in the A8 motorway, 35 km from Bilbao airport and 60 km from Santander.

All individuals and groups insterested in organizing a workshop, meeting, advanced course, etc. can ask for the Center to allocate that event in its annual program. The candidate events must be thematically related to mathematics or close fields (computer science, theoretical physics) and their quality be guaranteed by a scientific and/or organizing committee. Their length should preferably be one week (monday to friday), but three-day meetings and, exceptionally, two-week meetings are also allowed.

The CIEM offers its resources (lecture room for 100 people, smaller meeting rooms, internet wifi, computer room, etc) plus logistic and monetary support for the organization, accomodation, etc. Monetary support may come either from CIEM’s own funds or from the i-Math project, of which CIEM is one of the nodes. If a proposal is approved by CIEM, we will ask for i-math support for it in our annual plan of activities.

Proposals should be sent by email to preferably before July 15, 2010.

The application letter should contain a brief description of the event, previous similar meetings if any, organizing committee, expected number of attendees, expected external financing, and any other information that supports the quality and feasibility.

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