EMS seeks nominations for EMS Lecturers, Distinguished Speakers, and EMS Weekends

The Meetings Committee of the EMS seeks:

1. Nominations for EMS Lecturers: An EMS Lecturer,
typically appointed once a year, is an honorary
post, bestowed on an internationally renowned researcher.
An EMS Lecturer is asked to deliver several lectures
in various places, where one of the lectures is tied
to an international conference in Europe.

2. Nominations for EMS Distinguished Speakers: An
EMS Distinguished Speaker is a prestigious appointment,
awarded to an internationally renowned researcher.
An EMS Distinguished Speaker is asked to deliver
a plenary lecture in a large regional or international
European conference.

3. Proposals for EMS Weekends: An EMS Weekend is a
regional European conference, interdisciplinary and
covering several mathematical fields.

The Executive Committee of the EMS, via its Meetings
Committee, is willing to provide support that would
cover the cost of the EMS Lecturers and Distinguished
Speakers, and support (partially at times) the
organization of the EMS Weekends. Since resources are
scarce, only a limited number of events can be supported;
alternatively, we shall be able, if so desired, to
provide the stamp "endorsed by the EMS", and allow
the use of the EMS logo, to worthy meetings.

Proposals should include the name of the intended
lecturer or speaker, and enough relevant details about
the person, as well as details about the proposed
meetings and places that the talks would take place in.

Please address your suggestions, as well as any
questions you may have, to Zvi Artstein, the
Head of the Meetings Committee, via e-address:
emsmeetingscommittee@gmail.com. It is preferred,
but not obligatory, that suggestions for 2011
(and 2012, if possible) will arrive before
December 20, 2010.

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