Funding crisis for scientific institutions in Bulgaria

Bulgarian science is mainly concentrated at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and at Sofia University. The government has announced that it plans to transfer many of the institutes of the academy to other institutions and, at the same time, to cut down its support to Bulgarian Science in a very substantial manner. This has drastic negative effects also for the Bulgarian mathematical community. The EMS is very concerned, and EMS-president Marta Sanz-Solé has written a letter supporting the case of Bulgarian mathematics to the Bulgarian Prime Minister and to the Chair of the Bulgarian Parliament. She has asked the presidents of mathematical societies all over Europe to take similar action.
More information about the development in Bulgaria (and a much more positive development for Romanian scientists) can be found in two recent articles in Nature (469, p. 131-132, Different Strokes and p. 142-143, Science fortunes of Balkan neighbours diverge). Bulgarian colleagues have started an internet petition to their support asking for signatures at Science matters!!!.

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