Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013

The North American Mathematical Sciences Institutes announce a special year of emphasis on the Mathematics of Planet Earth in 2013, interpreted as broadly as possible. Earth is a planet with dynamic processes in the mantle, oceans and atmosphere creating climate, causing natural disasters, and influencing fundamental aspects of life and life-supporting systems. In addition to these natural processes, humans have developed systems of great complexity, including economic and financial systems; the World Wide Web; frameworks for resource management, transportation, and energy production and utilization; health care delivery; and social organizations. Human activity has increased to the point where it influences the global climate, impacts the ability of the planet to feed itself and threatens the stability of these systems. Issues such as climate change, sustainability, man-made disasters, control of diseases and epidemics, management of resources, and global integration have come to the fore.
Mathematics plays a key role in these and many other processes affecting Planet Earth, both as a fundamental discipline and as an essential component of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research.
FOCUS ON RESEARCH Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013 will focus mathematical research in these fields, provide a platform to showcase the essential relevance of mathematics to planetary problems, coalesce activities currently dispersed among institutions, and create a context for mathematical and interdisciplinary developments that will be necessary in order to address a myriad of issues and meet global challenges in the future.
FOCUS ON OUTREACH The outreach activities will draw to the attention of the public and the schools the importance of the role of mathematical science and multi-disciplinary research in the search of solutions to planetary issues.
VENUE Activities will take place throughout North America, focused at different institutes across the US and Canada. Several activities will be organized jointly by more than one institute.


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Under its meeting in Berlin in March 2011, the Executive Committee of the EMS agreed that the society would become a partner of the "Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013" project.

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