Geometry Section at VU Amsterdam soon to be closed down?

A committee at VU Amsterdam has put forward a proposal to close the Geometry Section, which consists of six tenured positions and focuses on algebraic K theory, algebraic topology, and general/geometric topology. This proposal has received the endorsement of the Dean of the Faculty of Sciences and of the Executive Board of the university.
An online petition asking for a reconsideration of this plan is available online at .
Moreover, the webpage explains the background for this disturbing development.


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On May3, EMS-president Marta Sanz-Solé has sent a letter to the Dean and to the Chairman of the Board of VU expressing the concerns of the society and urging them to reject the proposal.

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Presidents and representatives of Mathematical Societies in Europe met in Bilbao on the 7th and 8th of may. They join the message expressed in the letter from the EMS and urge the Dean and the Board of VU to reject the proposal to close the geometry section of the Department of Mathematics. They endorse the sanctity of academic tenure and express concerns that the envisioned reorganization of the Department will narrow its research horizons.

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