Message from the President, April 15, 2011

During the last three months, the Executive Committee has been shaping some of the plans described in the “Message from the President” from last January. These include attracting new members, with special attention to young people, making the Society more visible, and increasing communication with all our members. The recently established agreement with UMALCA (Mathematical Union of Latin America and Caribbean Countries) opens the door to a challenging co-operation with a learned society representing a large community outside Europe’s borders. The Group of Relations with European Institutions has prepared a “Position Paper of the EMS on the European Commission’s Contributions to European Research”. During its elaboration, we have benefited from valuable suggestions from many colleagues. These are a sample of the issues discussed at the last Executive Committee meeting in Berlin. I am very pleased to join the report on it prepared by Stephen Huggett. There, you will find information about some of the recent developments and also on the specific agreements. I take this opportunity to thank the hosts of the meeting: the German Mathematical Society and the Head of the IMU Secretariat. It is one of our priorities to maintain every EMS member up to date with the work being done at the Society. At the same time, the Executive Committee would be very happy to consider any suggestion or initiative proposed by anyone of its members. Marta Sanz-Solé EMS President April 15, 2011

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