6ECM opened. Prizes awarded.

At the opening ceremony of the 6th European Congress of Mathematics in Krakow, 12 prizes have been awarded:
- 10 EMS-prizes for young mathematicians (under the age of 35);
- the Felix Klein Prize for an ouststanding solution of a difficult problem in industrial mathematics; and
- the newly installed Otto Neugebauer Prize in the History of Mathematics.
Detailed information including the list of laureates: http://www.euro-math-soc.eu/prizewinners.html
After a performance of the Polish national anthem, the congress with around 1000 participants was opened with welcoming speeches including those by
Prof Karol Musiol, the rector of the hosting Jagellionian University,
Prof Barbara Kudrycka, the minister of science and higher education of the Republic of Poland,
Prof Stefan Jackowski, the chairman of the 6ECM organizing committee and of the Polish Mathematical Society, and
Prof Marta Sanz-Solé, president of the European Mathematical Society, who officially opened the congress.

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