Budget for Horizon 2020: ISE launches a petition

The next summit of the EU heads of states and governments (22.11-23.11) will determine the EU research budget for the next seven years. The Initiative for Science in Europe (ISE) urges scientists and politicians all over Europe to act in order to protect research funding including that of the ERC from cuts, in particular in the following ways:
• to speak at events we may be attending to make the case for the ERC and the budget for Horizon2020
• to use contacts that we or our colleagues may have in political parties or in the media to inform and mobilise our communities and others
• to ask the leaders of any professional society to which we belong to bring this call to action to the attention of the society’s members.
An online petition has been launched to keep the momentum going: http://www.no-cuts-on-research.eu
You are kindly asked to sign it and to encourage your research group members and colleagues to do likewise

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