Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013 to be launched on December 7

More than 100 academic institutions and scholarly societies have joined in a major world-wide initiative: Mathematics of Planet Earth (MPE) 2013. This year-long effort will highlight the contributions made by mathematics in tackling global problems, including natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and tsunamis; climate change; sustainability; and pandemics. MPE2013 partners will sponsor workshops, research conferences, public lectures, outreach events, and educational opportunities for all ages. The initiative will be officially launched on December, 7.
A particular ingredient is a competition for an open source exhibition on virtual models (Deadline: December 20, 2012).
The European Mathematical Society is a partner of MPE 2013. Its Committee on Raising Public Awareness of Mathematics is very actively involved in planning and running several initiatives under MPE 2013.