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EMS Lecturer 2013 Tamar Ziegler (Technion, Haifa, Israel) is the EMS Lecturer in 2013. Her lectures on "Dynamics and Number Theory" will delivered at the 26th Nordic and 1st European-Nordic Conference of Mathematicians (Lund, Sweden, 10-13 June 2013) and at the 16th General Meeting of EWM at the Hausdorff Center for Mathematics (Bonn, Germany, 2-6 September 2013). Information: http://www.technion.ac.il/~tamarzr/, http://www.euro-math-soc.eu/system/files/t2.pdf EMS Web site Note the new look of the EMS web page www.euro-math-soc.eu with enhanced access to information for European mathematicians EMS call for nominations or proposals for speakers and scientific events in 2014. Information on the call, forms and deadlines are available on http://www.euro-math-soc.eu/node/3266 EMS-DMF Joint Mathematical Weekend, Aarhus, Denmark, April 5-7 Pleanary Speakers: Henri Berestycki (CAMS, EHESS, France); Herbert Edelsbrunner (IST, Austria); Jeremy Gray (Open University, UK), Uffe Haagerup (Copenhagen, Denmark), Carsten Thomassen (Technical University, Denmark). Parallel Sessions: Algebra and Number Theory, Algebraic Topology, History of Mathematics, Quantum and Riemannian Geometry, Partial Differential Equations and Applications, Stochastics and Free Probability. Information and Registration: http://projects.au.dk/emsweekend/ 26th Nordic and 1st European-Nordic Congress of Mathematicians, Lund, Sweden, June 10-13 Information, programme and registration: http://www2.maths.lth.se/nordic26/speakers/


News from EMS Committees

Developing Countries Committee a) Meetings The committee meets every year, this year in Linköping. b) Activities Under the book donation scheme, tens of tonnes of books and journals, from Europe, USA and Canada, have been send to Africa, South East Asia, and South and Central America. New donors and recipients are always welcome. Students from developing countries are supported to pursue their studies in an institution from a neighboring country in a south-south perspective. A twinning program facilitates the twinning of departments in developed and developing regions. The label Emerging Regional Centres of Excellence (ERCE) is given to institutions selected for their high scientific and pedagogical standards offering training at M.Sc. level to students from less developed countries in their surrounding international region. At present, the Abdus Salam School in Mathematical Sciencies (Lahore, Pakistan) is an ERCE. The Committee participates in the project Mentoring African Research Mathematics (MARM). c) Support Among the sponsors are Les Amis d'Artur Besse, ICTP, IMU, ISP, LMS, NUFU, Swiss Mathematical Society, ZentralblattMATH and their reviewers. The committee operates in close contact with Centre International de Mathématiques Pures et Appliquées (CIMPA), The International Science Programme at Uppsala University (ISP) (Sweden), and The Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing (IWR) (Germany). Donations to the committee can be made through EMS, EMS Membership. http://euro-math-soc.eu/EMS-CDC/index.html Electronic Publishing Committee The committee acts as an advisory group for the EMS Executive Committee on matters related to electronic publishing, digitization, archiving, retrieval, and dissemination of mathematical knowledge in electronic form. Activities The Encyclopedia of Mathematics wiki (http://www.encyclopediaofmath.org/index.php/Main_Page) is an open access resource designed specifically for the mathematics community. Mathematicians are encouraged to collaborate with the most comprehensive and up-to-date online mathematics reference work. The ECM Proceedings 1992–2000 Retrodigitized (http://ada00.math.uni-bielefeld.de/ECM/) is based on work by the previous EPC chair Ulf Rehmann. The 8 printed volumes donated by the Birkhäuser Verlag have been digitized and OCR'd. It is desirable to proceed with more recent volumes and accomplish the necessary technical work to incorporate the volumes in the EuDML. The European Digital Mathematics Library EuDML has been created and recently launched (http://eudml.org) as a pilot project addressing two challenges: setting up an infrastructure for a unified access point for the digital mathematical content hosted by different organizations, and defining a cooperation model with a variety of stakeholders that would allow the building a reliable and durable global reference library. The EuDML currently presents around 230,000 items from 317 collections of 12 content providers and provides a number of services making it a truly modern functional viable system. Ongoing works are carried out to involve further content providers including the EMS Publishing House, Math-Net.Ru and Euclid. For further development and sustainability an association will be formed of eleven project partners, with the EMS playing an important role ensuring that the EuDML services shall remain under control of organizations representing the public interest. Three of the previous EPC members (notably Thierry Bouche as Scientific Coordinator, Ulf Rehmann as chair of the Scientific Advisory Board) and four of the current ones have been involved in the project. Women in Mathematics Committee 2014 Summer School at the Institut Mittag-Leffler European Women in Mathematics (EWM) and the EMS Women in Mathematics Committee invite proposals for a one week summer school at the Institut Mittag Leffler. A special feature of the summer school is that there will be a much larger than usual involvement by women. It is expected that most or all of the organising committee, at least half the participants, and if possible the lecturers, should be female. Further details on http://ewm- association.org/ under `News'. In case of difficulty please contact C.M.Series@warwick.ac.uk Deadline for proposals: March 15, 2013



Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013

See http://www.mpe2013.org 1. Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013 Day You are cordially invited to attend the “Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013 Day (MPE 2013)”, which will include the launch of the international exhibition “Mathematics of Planet Earth” and the European launch of the MPE 2013 year. The day will be held on March 5th 2013 at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris (7 Place de Fontenoy, 75007 Paris) and will be complemented by a public lecture by Hervé Le Treut at 6:30 pm at Amphi 25, on the Jussieu campus. To attend the MPE 2013 Day, it is necessary to register by sending an email to Jean-Paul Ngome Abiaga (jj.ngome-abiaga@unesco.org). The international exhibition “Mathematics of the Planet Earth” will remain open to the public until Friday March 8th 2013 at the UNESCO Miollis site (1 Rue Miollis, 75015 Paris). See the complete program: http://mpe2013.org/mpe-day-at-UNESCO/ 2. MPE 2013 programmes of the Centres of ERCOM Committee http://www.euro-math-soc.eu/node/3343




Israel Mathematical Society George Mostow and Michael Artin are the Wolf Prizewinners in Mathematics 2013 http://www.wolffund.org.il/index.php?dir=site&page=content&cs=3062 Italian Society for Applied and Industrial Mathematics (SIMAI) The website of the Mathematical Desk for Italian Industry (SMII) sportellomatematico.it is online. The aim of this initiative is “to build a concrete bridge of common interests between the italian mathematical community and the world of Italian enterprises” and it is supported by the SIMAI and AIRO (Associazione Italiana di Ricerca Operativa). Spanish Society of Applied Mathematics (SEMA) The SeMA Journal will be published by Springer. Its main aim is to publish papers containing high level achievements in applied mathematics, understood in a broad sense. SeMA journal: www.springer.com/mathematics/journal/40324 SEMA: www.sema.org.es/web/index.php Soc. Math. Appl. & Industr. (SMAI), France The SMAI is organizing its biennial meeting in Seignosse Le Penon (Landes-France) from May 27th to May 30th 2013. This meeting will be the occasion of celebrating the 30th birthday of the French Society for Applied and Industrial Mathematics. http://smai.emath.fr/smai2013/ Spanish Statistics and Operations Research Society On the occasion of the International Year of Statistics, the Spanish Statistics and Operations Research Society has reached an agreement with the National Lottery to create a special ticket dedicated to this event. Slovenian Mathematical Society On December 14, 2012 a Reciprocity agreement between the Slovenian (DMFA) and Austrian (OMG) Math Society was signed in Ljubljana during a visit of the President of the OMG Michael Drmota.



EMS Newsletter

The Newsletter #87 will be available online at the beginning of March: http://www.ems-ph.org/journals/journal.php?jrn=news In that issue:


  • EMS NEWS. Code of Practice of the Ethics Committee of the EMS
  • FEATURES. E. Giusti, Touching the abstract: mathematics at the museum; A.Iserles: Three stories of high oscillation
  • SOCIETIES. The British Society for the History of Mathematics
  • RESEARCH CENTRES. Hausdorff Research Institute



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