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Science Europe Laszlo Lovasz, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary; and Karl Sigmund, University of Vienna, Austria have been appointed members of the Physical, Chemical and Mathematical Sciences Committee of Science Europe, the new association of European Research Funding and Research Performing Organizations. Information: http://www.scienceeurope.org/ and http://www.scienceeurope.org/scientific-committees/Physical-sciences Russian Academy of Sciences TThe Russian government launched a bill dated June 28, proposing fundamental changes to the Russian Academy of Sciences. One week later, it went to the Duma for its consideration. Strong protests of Russian scientists and from all over the world had provoked some changes on the original version. In particular, a three-year transition period has been declared. The discussion of a second modified version is postponed to the Autumn.


News from EMS

Lagrange Days at CIRM. October 18-19, 2013; CIRM Luminy, France A conference to celebrate the two-hundred anniversary of Lagrange's death http://math.univ-lyon1.fr/homes-www/benzoni/Lagrange/Lagrange-en.html First Joint Meeting RSME-SCM-SEMA-SIMAI-UMI. Bilbao June 30-July 4, 2014 http://www.ehu.es/en/web/fjim2014 Call for special sessions http://www.ehu.es/en/web/fjim2014/call-for-papers Deadline for submission: January 15, 2014 Hirzebruch Lecture In honour of the memory of Professor Friedrich Hirzebruch, the German Mathematical Society and the EMS have jointly agreed to establish a "Hirzebruch Lecture" to be given as part of the European Congresses of Mathematics, beginning with the 7th ECM in Berlin in 2016.



News from EMS Committees

In this issue, Publications Committee and Women in Mathematics Committee. Publications Committee The first activity was a meeting in Paris, at the Institut Henri Poincaré, on January 9, 2013. It was decided to concentrate on the elaboration of a position paper on open access (OA). There was a consensus on the importance of the following issues:


  • Long term preservation of the publications (printed and electronic versions).
  • Publications should adhere to a code of good practices/sustainable publishing. This concerns all aspects of publishing, from reviewing to long term preservation, and includes copyrights issues, metadata, etc.
  • For the moment, it is important to preserve a diversity of modes of publication. Experimentation is to be encouraged, provided it corresponds to really new models and does not lead to uncontrolled proliferation of journals whose long term existence is not reasonably certain.
  • Article Processing Charges systems should be evaluated very carefully.
  • The publication system can no longer be conceived independently from the evaluation system. A position on OA has to take this into account. A coordination between the committee and the EMS Ethics Committee is necessary.
  • The avalanche of data that are freely available makes organized access to them a necessity for research. This should not be left entirely to commercial entities. Some commercial publishers are already acquiring or creating ?data mining? companies, which will charge for services which are well within the mission of libraries.
  • The issue of an EMS common platform for European Mathematics publications should be studied. There is already CEDRAM in France.

A second meeting is planned on mid November in Slovenia with the objective of producing a draft of a position paper. Bernard Teissier, Chair of the Publications Committee Women in Mathematics Committee Working with European Women in Mathematics, we have been involved in setting up a majority female Summer School at Institut Mittag Leffler, 23-27 June 2014. Following our call, the chosen proposal is `Apollonian Circle Packings' with main speakers Hee Oh (Brown) and Elena Fuchs (UC Berkeley), and organizers Alina Bucur (UC San Diego), Pirita Paajanen (Helsinki) and Lillian Pierce (Oxford). The school is mainly funded by IML with additional support from the EMS. For further information see http://www.math.ucsd.edu/~alina/ewm/ or contact Lillian Pierce (lillian.pierce@maths.ox.ac.uk). Eva Bayer has resigned from the joint EWM-EMS Women's Scientific Committee and has been replaced by Agata Smoktunowicz (Edinburgh). The committee's remit is to provide advice to the EMS and EWM on scientific questions involving women and mathematics, see http://womenandmath.wordpress.com/emsewm-scientific-committee/ We are discussing plans for the 2014 International Congress of Women Mathematicians which will take place immediately before the Seoul ICM. We are also involved in setting up a website for Women in Mathematics under the auspices of the IMU. Caroline Series, Chair of the Women in Mathematics Committee


News from EMS Member Societies

Soc. of Appl. & Industr. Math. (SMAI) The third French maths job fair (http://www.forum-emploi-maths.org) will take place on the 6 december 2013 at the CNAM in Paris. Co-organized by the French learned societies SFdS (www.sfds.asso.fr) and SMAI (smai.emath.fr) and the so-called labex AMIES (www.agence-maths-entreprises.fr), the previous fairs gathered about 1500 students who were invited to meet researchers, engineers and HRD responsibles from private companies. Maria Esteban, President of the SMAI until june 2012, has been chosen at the council of ICIAM (International Council for Industrial and Applied Mathematics) in Beijing (China) on 11 May 2013 as new President-Elect. Her term as President starts in October 2015. German Mathematical Society Simons Lecture Series 2013 The prestigious "Simons Lectures", funded by the Simons Foundation (USA), are highlights of ?Mathematics of Planet Earth? (MPE 2013). Out of the nine planed in 2013, only one took place in Europe. About 600 people gathered at the Henry Ford Building of the Freie Universität Berlin on May 23, 2013. There Rupert Klein, professor at the Freie Universität Berlin gave his lecture on "CliMathematics: Models, Data and Structures". A video, photos and texts are available on http://www.mi.fu-berlin.de/math/Simons_Lecture_2013.html Future lectures of the initiative MPE 2013 on http://mpe2013.org Israel mathematical Society The Erdös Prize 2013 has been awarded to Prof. Omri Sarig, Weizmann Institute. Quoting the ommittee's citation: Omri is recognized as one of the leading experts in dynamical systems worldwide. He is a diverse mathematician who impacted several different directions in the subject. Among his many achievements is the construction of a useful symbolic model -- a countable state Markov partition -- to general surface diffeomorphisms with positive topological entropy. He also made important contribution to the study of the dynamics of the horocycle flow on infinite area geometric infinite surfaces." The Erdös Prize in Mathematics, founded by Paul Erdös, is awarded yearly to a young Israeli mathematician. Italian Mathematical Union The Archimedes Prize 2013 has been awarded by the UMI (Italian Mathematical Union) and the MIUR ( Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research) to celebrate 2300 years of the birth of Archimedes, and to promote scientific culture in high schools in Italy. One hundred and thirty-five educational institutes participated in the competition with two hundred and fifty works inspired by the scientist. Ten schools received the prize. The award ceremony took place in the home town of Archimedes, Syracuse, on June 15th 2013. http://umi.dm.unibo.it/anno_archimedeo_2013--139.html Romanian Mathematical Society The Society will host the next meeting of the EMS Ethics Committee on September 27 -28, in Bucharest, Romania. Royal Spanish Mathematical Society (RSME) José Luis Rubio de Francia Prize 2012 for young mathematicians María Pe Pereira, visiting professor at Université de Lille, has been awarded the 2012 José Luis Rubio de Francia Prize for her contributions to singularity theory, in connection with the celebrated Nash problem on arcs for surface singularities. http://www.rsme.es/content/view/1282/1/ BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Awards: Ingrid Daubechies and David Mumford have been awarded the BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award in basic sciences, for their development of mathematical tools of transcendental value for efficient data compression and computer vision technology. http://www.fbbva.es/TLFU/tlfu/esp/noticias/fichanoticia/index.jsp?codigo=1092 Spanish Society of Statistics and Operations Research The Spanish Bureau of Statistics has published a study about employment in the country. With a 75%, Mathematics and Statistics appear as second and third degree, respectively, with the highest employment rate.




Most recent Books Joaquim Bruna, Julià Cufí Complex Analysis May 2013 Hans Triebel Local Function Spaces, Heat and Navier-Stokes Equations May 2013 Bogdan Bojarski, Vladimir Gutlyanskii, Olli Martio, Vladimir Ryazanov Infinitesimal Geometry of Quasiconformal and Bi-Lipschitz Mappings in the Plane May 2013 New journals Journal of Fractal Geometry edited by Michel L. Lapidus 2014 EMS Surveys in Mathematical Sciences edited by Nicola Bellomo and Simon Salamon 2014 More information available on: http://www.ems-ph.org/




Call for nominations for the Abel Prize 2014 Deadline: September 15, 2013 Nomination guidelines: http://www.abelprize.no/c53676/artikkel/vis.html?tid=53705&strukt_tid=53676 Call for Nominations for The Ostrowski Prize, 2013 The jury invites nominations for candidates for the 2013 Ostrowski Prize. Nominations should include a c.v. of the candidate, a letter of nomination and 3 letters of reference. The Chair of the jury for 2013 is Cameron Stewart of the University of Waterloo. Nominations should be sent to cstewart@uwaterloo.ca by September 15, 2013.


For questions, comments or suggestions, please contact Professor Mireille Chaleyat-Maurel, Université Paris Descartes, Editor of the EMS E-News e-mail: Mireille.Chaleyat-Maurel@math-info.univ-paris5.fr

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