2016 CIMPA Research Schools call for projects

Proposals in applied mathematics or related to applications of mathematics are specially welcome. Proposals in the most mathematically or economically deprived areas are encouraged and will be given priority. It is preferable that a project of a Research School do not coincide with that of a conference. The aim of CIMPA is to promote international cooperation in higher education and research in mathematics and their interactions as well as related subjects, for the benefit of developing countries.

We organize research schools of about two weeks in developing countries. The purpose of these schools is to contribute to the research training of the new generation of mathematicians, women and men.

The research schools are organized locally with the help of CIMPA. Essential information can be found in the roadmap. The deadline for a (non-mandatory) pre-proposal is June 15, 2014. The complete proposal is due October 1st, 2014.