2015 ICIAM prizes announced

The 2015 ICIAM Collatz Prize is awarded to Annalisa Buffa in recognition of her spectacular use of deep and sophisticated mathematical concepts to obtain outstanding contributions to the development of computer simulations in science and industry.

Andrew J. Majda of the Courant Institute at New York University receives the 2015 ICIAM Lagrange Prize in recognition of his ground-breaking, original, fundamental and pioneering contributions to applied mathematics and, in particular, to wave front propagation and combustion, scattering theory, fluid dynamics and atmosphere climate science.

The 2015 ICIAM Maxwell Prize is awarded to Jean-Michel Coron of the Université Pierre et Marie Curie for his fundamental and original contributions to the study of variational methods for partial differential equations and the nonlinear control of nonlinear partial differential equations.

The 2015 ICIAM Pioneer Prize is awarded to Björn Engquist of the University of Texas at Austin, USA for fundamental contributions in the field of applied mathematics, numerical analysis and scientific computing which have had long-lasting impact in the field as well as successful applications in science, engineering and industry.

The 2015 ICIAM Su Buchin Prize is awarded to Li Tatsien, Fudan University, Shanghai in recognition of his outstanding contributions to applied mathematics and to the dissemination of mathematical sciences in developing countries.