George Boole 200: Boole2School

On the occasion of George Boole's bicentenary the University College Cork (UCC, Ireland) has created Boole2School with the objective to grow awareness among children and students of the impact of science in modern life, exemplified by the unique contribution of George Boole, and to stimulate their interest in the disciplines of Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering which underpin our modern information society.
The aim is to ensure that children around the world aged from 8 to 18 have the opportunity to join in Boole2School on (or close to) Boole's birthday, 2nd November 2015. Mathematics lesson plans for teachers and worksheets for children have been developed which introduce to George Boole, his mathematics and his legacy.
The bicentenary of George Boole was already celebrated during the George Boole Mathematical Sciences (GBMS) Conference at UCC during the last two weeks of August 2015. This event included an EMS/IMS Boole lecture, "A Primer on Boole's Algebra of Logic," given by Stanley Burris of the University of Waterloo.

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