ERC grants: Deadlines in 2016 approaching

Grants from the European Research Council: The deadlines are for consolidator grants  2.2.2016, and for advanced grants 1.9.2016. Since this year, the funding for the different fields (for example PE1 Mathematics) depends strongly on the number of applications for the field. Unfortunately in the last calls, the number of applications has significantly decreased. This will have a negative effect on the funding for mathematics. If the development continues, a drastic reduction of the budget for funding in mathematics has to be expected in the coming years. Here is some advice:

1. Colleagues with a good idea for a proposal should definitely apply.
2. One should apply for the full grant if the project really has the potential and need for such a large amount.
3. Most research projects in mathematics can get along with much smaller grants.
4. Do not follow the requests of university administrators if they urge you to go for the maximal possible grant sum.

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