EMS e-News 21, December 2016



- The EC meeting

The EMS Executive Committee (EC) held its regular autumn meeting 4-6 November, this time in Tbilisi on the kind invitation of the Georgian Mathematical Society. A number of decisions were taken including the renewal of EMS committees and support for scientific activities in 2017.


- The Simons Foundation support of Mathematics in Africa The EC discussed how the generous Mathematics in Africa grants from the Simons Foundation (see previous e-news) will be administered. The scheme devised by the EMS Committee on Developing Countries was approved and will be soon launched. (See below the item "Committee on Developing Countries".)


- Scientific activities in 2016

Due to the healthy budgetary situation, the EMS was able to support a number of scientific activities this year including eight summer schools, a distinguished speaker, the Joint EMS-Bernoulli Society Lecture, and others.


- Society good standing in focus

The EMS has always showed understanding for regional societies having temporary difficulties in fulfilling their duties as members. We expect, however, that they show the intention to resolve their situation. If this is not the case, the EC could recommend to the Council to reconsider the membership of such a society.



News from EMS Member Societies


* Catalan Mathematical Society

- Nominations are open for the Barcelona Dynamical Systems Prize 2017.


- We will host the "Abel in Barcelona" meeting on January 16, 2017. We will have the participation of two Abel Prize Laureates (Louis Nirenberg and Andrew Wiles).


- On 27-28 April 2017 we will hold the second edition of the Barcelona Mathematical Days, in Barcelona (Catalonia) at the Institute of Catalan Studies.


- On 12-15 June 2017 we are co-organizing a joint meeting between the Catalan, Spanish and Swedish Mathematical Societies in Umea, Sweden.


- On 27-29 September 2017 we are organizing a joint meeting between the Edinburgh and Catalan Mathematical Society.



* Croatian Mathematical Society

The Croatian Mathematical Society announces the fourth Evening of Mathematics in Croatia for December 1st 2016. This popular event is organized yearly and this year it will also include the opening of an IMAGINARY exhibition at the Zagreb Maths Department.

http://matematika.hr/vecermatematike/2016/ (in Croatian)


* Cyprus Mathematical Society

- Prof. Dr. Gregoris Makrides was re-elected President for 2016-2018, in the General Assembly on 28 September 2016.

- New EU funded projects in which the Cyprus Mathematical Society is participating:

a. MATHDebate, the Voice of Students-Searching Excellence in Math Education through Increasing the Motivation for Learning, ERASMUS+ KA2-Strategic Partnership, 2016-2018 b. DIS-CODE: Disconnected, discouraged, disenabled? Let’s code! 

ERASMUS+ ΚΑ2-Strategic Partnership, 2016-2018

- EUROMATH 2017 Conference in Bucharest is announced.



* Czech Mathematical Society

The Neuron Fund for Support of Science has named this year's laureates for The Neuron Award for Contribution to Science, who include mathematical physicist (and EMS President!) Pavel Exner and mathematical logician Mgr. Emil Jeřábek. This prestigious award recognises top Czech scientists at home and abroad who have made outstanding achievements in their field.



* Royal Dutch Mathematical Society (KWG)

- December 9th 2016: the 11th Belgian-Dutch Algebraic Geometry Day will be held in Amsterdam, with the award of the Composition Prize to Bhargav Bhatt.


- December 9th 2016: the Symposium "L.E.J. Brouwer, Fifty Years Later" will be held at University of Amsterdam.


- January 23-27 2017: the Study Group Mathematics and Industry will be held at University of Amsterdam.


- April 11th/12th 2017: Dutch Mathematical Congress, will be held at Utrecht University.



* Edinburgh Mathematical Society

The Edinburgh Mathematical Society¹s Whittaker Prize was awarded at the AGM of the Society in Oct 2016 to Dr Arend Bayer from the University of Edinburgh.

The prize, named after Sir Edmund Whittaker, President of the Society from 1914-15, is awarded to an outstanding mathematicians with a specified connection to Scotland.


* Irish Mathematical Society

The Annual General Meeting of the Irish Mathematical Society will take place on Tuesday 20th December 2016. This date is the 40th anniversary of the society's first meeting.



* Italian Mathematical Union (UMI)

- Petition for women in Academia in Italy The UMI and the National Conference of Equal Opportunities Committees of Italian Universities (CPO) ask the Government for a gender equality policy. In Italy women are still underrepresented at all levels of University positions.


- Federigo Enriques Prize 2016

The UMI in agreement with the Enriques Study Center (CSE) announces the Federico Enriques Prize for a doctoral thesis containing original results on subjects connected to Federigo Enriques' mathematical thought. Applications should be emailed to dipmat.umi@unibo.it, and close on 31st December 2016.



The UMI and the Italian Society of History of Mathematics (SISM) announce a prize for work of great scientific value in History of Mathematics, with special reference to developments of mathematics in Italy.

Applications should be emailed to dipmat.umi@unibo.it, and close on 31st December 31th 2016 http://umi.dm.unibo.it/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/bando2016_eng.pdf

- AILA-UMI Prize Franco Montagna 2017

The AILA (Italian Association of Logic and its Applications) and UMI announce a prize of 2,000 Euros, dedicated to the memory of Franco Montagna, for a PhD thesis on topics related to Mathematical Logic and its applications Nominations (by academic bodies, research institutions, scientific academies, or individual experts) should be emailed to the AILA Presidency (aila@unicam.it) and close on 31st December 2016.



* Spanish Applied Mathematics Society (SēMA)

CEDYA + CMA 2017  The 25th Congress on Differential Applications & Applications / 15th Congress on Applied Mathematics will be held in Cartagena (Spain), 26-30 June 2017, organized by the SēMA. The main objective of this edition, which will be held in the region of Murcia for first time, is to serve as a meeting place for researchers in the fields of Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics at all scopes.



* Royal Spanish Mathematical Society (RSME)

- 2017 RSME Conference in Zaragoza

From 30 January to 2 February 2017 the biennial conference of RSME  will be held at Zaragoza (Spain). The program includes plenary lectures, 26 special sessions, several exhibitions and dissemination activities.


- Call for applications for the José Luis Rubio de Francia (JLRF) award The JLRF prize is awarded by RSME, under the patronage of Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and Universidad de Zaragoza. Its aim is to recognize and encourage young mathematicians under the age of 32.  The deadline for applications is 31 December 2016.


- Cervantine meetings:

In celebration of the 400th anniversary of Cervantes death, RSME, together with Universidad de Cádiz and Universidad de Málaga, have organized three meetings exploring the connections between Mathematics and the Humanities.




* Swedish Mathematical Society

The Royal Society of Sciences at Uppsala has awarded Professor Svante Janson (Uppsala University) the 2016 Celsius Medal of his outstanding work in combinatorial probability. The Royal Society of Sciences at Uppsala was founded 1710 and it is the oldest Science Academy in Sweden. The Celsius Medal was instituted 1960 to celebrate the Society’s 250th anniversary.



News from Corporate Members


* CIRM (Centre International de Rencontres Mathématiques)

- CIRM 2018

CIRM Luminy is widening its range of scientific events, by introducing several new types of programme from late 2018 (calls for proposals are now open). The 'Multi-Year' programme will welcome events in Mathematics and in Mathematics in interaction with Medicine, Biology, Finance, Economics, Social sciences, etc.. Projects will be given the chance to stage a one-week event at CIRM over several years. The 'Interface' programme will focus on mathematics with and for industry. New SMF-sponsored weeks will complement the offer. All programmes will benefit from brand new facilities due to open at CIRM late 2018.


- From January 2017 the Jean-Morlet Chair will welcome a whole semester on the subject of Kardar-Parisi-Zhang Universality and Directed Polymers, organized by Konstantin Khanin (University of Toronto) in collaboration with Senya Shlosman (Aix-Marseille University) and fellow organizers. Two large and one medium workshop are planned between January and June 2017. Interested participants can pre-register online: http://khanin-shlosman.weebly.com/

Funding will be available (from CIRM and other sponsors) to subsidize board and lodging.


* ICMAT (Institute of Mathematical Sciences)

- The new research program “ICMAT Laboratories” gets under way, headed by world-renowned mathematicians, including two Fields Medal winners. 

The projects will be conducted over a four-year period and will be financed through the Severo Ochoa programme of the Instituto de Ciencias Matemáticas (ICMAT, Spain).

- ICMAT researchers applied dynamical systems techniques for modelling an oil spill after the “Oleg Naydenoc” fishing vessel sank off the coast of Las Palmas in April 2015. They now publish in the “Marine Pollution Bulletin” a method that can also be used in rescue operations.

- “La Caixa” Foundation is offering 57 PhD fellowships in the framework INPhINIT, for young international researchers to pursue a doctoral degree in the  fields  of technology, engineering, physics, mathematics, life and health sciences at Spanish research centers. ICMAT is one of the Host Institutions. The application period is 7th November 2016 - 2nd February 2017.



News from EMS Committees


* Applied Mathematics

- Year of Mathematical Biology 2018

The year of Mathematical Biology 2018 is a joint venture of the EMS and the European Society for Mathematical and Theoretical Biology (ESMTB). The main objectives are to celebrate the huge increase and importance of applications of mathematics to biology and life sciences in recent years and to foster the feedback loop between life sciences and mathematics for years to come. An organization committee for this joint EMS-ESMTB event has been set up through the Applied Mathematics Committee of the EMS with Jose A. Carrillo (Imperial College London, UK) as Chair. If you have any suggestions or ideas that you want to share with us, activities to be done, activities to be included or any queries, please contact any member of the committee.



* Developing Countries (CDC)

The African continent is very diverse; careers in mathematics will progress in different ways, and sometimes face difficulties. The CDC, with the financial support of the Simons Foundation, is opening the EMS-Simons for Africa program. This is a program of visiting grants to foster opportunities for young and established researchers. The aim is to promote individual career possibilities with the consequent improvement of global capacity among African academic institutions. The program is open to all areas of pure and applied mathematics and statistics and it is directed to fellows based in Africa. To promote the visibility of African mathematical research and a wider platform for the interchange of knowledge, the program offers a top-up grant to take part to regional scientific events during longer research visits.


The EMS pays particular attention to the promotion of women in mathematics everywhere. The small proportion of females among PhD students, lecturers and researchers in Africa is particularly critical. To encourage women pursuing an active research career within mathematics and to help give them visibility, recognition and support, the CDC offers female successful applicants the opportunity of a top-up grant.


The EMS-Simons for Africa program presents the following calls:

A. Collaborative research visits

A1. Continuation in research

A2. PhD development

B. Top-up grants for women

C. Top-up grants for conference participation


The applications are made through the EMS platform and there are four deadlines: March 15th, June 15th, September 15th, December 15th.



* Raising Public Awareness

The site of the Committee ( http://mathematics-in-europe.eu/ ) is open to all members, and we are awaiting your contributions!


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